I’m tired of the same old ways to keep cool. Hanging out at the river, running through the sprinkler, cool towel on your forehead and spritzing yourself in front of a fan are so old school. I knew there had to be other ways to keep cool this summer. Thanks to the World Wide Web and my own noodle, I compiled a list of unusual ways to keep cool this summer. You can thank me later.

Birthday suit – If clothes are making you hot, then get rid of them. Sleep nude, do the dishes nude and do everything nude. Pretend it’s your birthday. Live it up!

Lose the ‘stache – I don’t know how the Duck Dynasty guys do it. Shave that facial hair and feel the wind on your face again.

Celibacy rules – If clothes make you hot then getting hot and heavy with someone else is sure to get you, well, hot. So don’t do it.

Wet the bed – Lightly dampen your sheets and then toss them in the freezer for 20-30 minutes before bed. A wet bed never felt so good.

Hit the drive thru – Give your oven a break. Don’t slave over a hot stove. Pick up a little drive thru on the way home from work and keep your house cool.

Take a cat nap – If the heat is too unbearable when you’re awake, then just go to sleep. Find a nice cool spot, curl up like a cat and snooze away.

Double hump it like a camel – Camel’s store water in their humps so they can go long time without water. I realize you don’t have a hump, but drinking a lot of water will help keep you cool.

Get fruity – If you’re hungry, reach for a nice piece of fruit. It’s light, healthy and oh so juicy. Fruit will satisfy that hunger craving without giving you that gut bomb feeling.

Bad teeth - My dentist would kill me for suggesting this, because it’s horrible for your teeth, but chewing on ice chips does help to ward off the heat.

Shave your melon – If you’re man enough to sport the Dr. Phil or the Bruce Willis then go for it. Personally, I find bald men very attractive. So much so that I married one.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.