Lately I’ve been somewhat consumed with Pinterest. While spending endless hours consuming all the amazing pins, I’ve run across a few that are making my mouth water. So, I compiled them for you to use this summer at your backyard get togethers. I hope you enjoy them. I know I will!


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Blueberry Mojito – 2 oz. açai blueberry vodka, 1/2 oz, simple syrup, 1 oz. fresh lime juice, 10 mint leaves, 10 fresh blueberries and club soda – Start by muddling mint leaves, blueberries and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Next fill shaker with ice, add the vodka and lime juice and shake well. Strain the mixture into an ice–filled highball glass and top with the club soda. You can garnish it with mint sprig or skewer of fresh blueberries.


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Strawberry Champagne Punch- 1 liter sparkling champagne, 1 ¼ cups fruit punch, 1 ¼ cups ginger ale, 1 ¼ cups orange juice, 1 pint fresh strawberries, 1 pint raspberry sherbet and 1 pint vanilla ice cream – Chill juices and sodas then mix juices, soda and wine in punch bowl. Add fresh strawberries and stir. Spoon in ice-cream and sherbet and then stir. You can garnish with strawberries, kiwi or orange slices.


Photo coutesty of columbiagorgeweddingblog/Pinterest


Orangesicle Cocktail – Ice cubes, orange juice, vanilla flavored vodka, vanilla ice cream and orange soda-Put ice cubes, ice cream, vodka and orange juice in a blender. Be sure to blend well. Pour mixture into glass 3/4 full then top each glass with orange soda. Garnish with orange slices dipped in sugar and place on rim of the glass.


Photo courtesty of the blond cook/Pinterest


Cherry Beer Margaritas- (1) 12 ounce can of frozen limeade concentrate, 12 ounces cherry flavored soda, (1) 12 ounce bottle of your favorite beer, 12 ounces of your favorite tequila, kosher salt for rimming the glass, lime and cherries for garnish – Rub a wedge of lime around the rim of each glass then dip in kosher salt. Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher and stir with a wooden spoon. You can serve with or without ice and garnish with a lime wedge and cherry.


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Watermelon Margarita – 3 cups fresh seedless watermelon pulp, 1 cup fresh lime juice, 2 cups simple syrup, 1 1/2 cups premium silver tequila, 1/2 cup triple sec and 3 cups ice – Place the watermelon in a bowl and mash (using potato masher) to extract juice. Put pulp and juice in a pitcher and add lime juice, simple syrup, triple sec and tequila. Stir. Add 3 cups of ice and refrigerate mix for 30 minutes then stir before serving over ice.