Stephen Green, the roommate of the young woman who has accused suspended University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson with rape, testified Thursday in District Court.

Green, a pre-med student at the University of Montana told Joel Thompson of the Montana Attorney General's office that he and the alleged victim became best friends, and eventually roommates in the house they shared with another man on Kensington in Missoula.

On the night in question, February 4, 2012, Green testified that he was playing a race-car video game on the couch just a few feet from the bedroom where the alleged rape took place. Green said Johnson and the alleged victim went into her bedroom to watch a movie and closed the door. He told Thompson that he heard nothing coming from the room that might indicate the young woman was being raped.

After the alleged rape, the victim sent a text message to Green reading 'Oh my God, I think I might have just been raped'. Defense attorney David Paoli took Green back to a statement he made to defense attorneys, in which he thought the victim was 'exaggerating' in the text message.

In court while Green was testifying, University of Montana defensive coach Ty Gregorak and several UM football players.

David Paoli and Stephen Green