It's been a neighborhood attraction for several years now - and Halloween night was no exception.

The homemade "haunted lawn" was an extremely popular stop for the masses of trick-or-treaters on the south end of Hamilton again. The sheets hiding the attraction go up a week ahead of time, allowing secret construction of the set. Then - for one night only this year - the gate opened Halloween night.

I took this photo shortly after 9 p.m. when the line stretched about half a block, with young and old waiting patiently for their chance at a thrill or two on this spooky holiday.

A nice touch for the ultra-popular trick or treat route in Hamilton has been the addition of temporary barricades in the intersections around a large portion of South 3rd and 4th Streets, limiting the number of vehicles in a pedestrian-heavy area. It allowed safer conditions with less traffic congestion. Bravo!