The West Mullan fire is a long way from being terminated and that is likely one of the big reasons why "The Terminator" is in town to document the blaze.

West Mullan Fire Incident Management Team Commander Tom Heintz confirmed Monday that Arnold Schwarzenegger had arrived on the scene and had introduced himself and his film crew during a morning briefing.

"Schwarzenegger is here as one of the executive producers of a documentary that is being produced for the Showtime channel," said Public Information Officer Pat Mckelvey who was at the briefing. "[The documentary] is about the extension of fire season and the severity of fire that we're experiencing due to global warming and climate change issues, those kinds of things."

Mckelvey said that the incident management team is working to make sure the film crew's presence doesn't impact the overarching goal of taming the fire. "Of course, from our perspective, we're making sure that that does not become a distraction to our firefighters," said Mckelvey. "That could be a very serious concern for us."

There are now roughly 1,000 people fighting the West Mullan Fire which as of Sunday night had run up an estimated $5.8 million price tag. The fire is at 38% containment according to the incident management team, although the fire is still at high risk of spreading and the terrain is categorized as extreme.