With the “big game” not that far away (this Sunday, Feb. 5) you need to be planning your gathering. That includes liquid refreshments. The smart shopper takes into consideration many factors when he or she is out buying beer; bottles or cans, import or domestic, 12 oz. or 16 oz., and the two dominant factors quantity and price.

With this big decision upon many of us, I called the distributors in Missoula and here are their recommendations:

  • Keystone Light

    Key Stone is COOL! Check out his commercials.

    Photo courtesy Keystone Light
  • Old Milwaukee

    A city that knows its beer.

    Logo courtesy Old Milwaukee
  • Hamm's

    From the Land of Sky Blue Waters

    Image courtesy Hamm's
  • Icehouse

    Best served cold, not good warm.

    Image courtesy Icehouse
  • Busch

    Don't you just love neon beer signs?

    Photo courtesy mag3737's/flickr
  • PBR

    PBR you can find it almost everywhere. Quick go check your fridge.

    Image courtesy Pabst
  • Natty Light

    Natural light poster designed by some guy on a slow day.

    Image courtesy abrady11's/flickr