Ross Evans wanted to make his own computer game.

Last year, he learned some programming and showed a prototype to Mona McCarty, the Hamilton Middle School Librarian. He called the game, "Bighead." Soon, two friends, JT Vineyard and Finn Belanger joined his dev-team - JT with music soundtrack and Finn with graphics.

Mrs McCarty made sure they had room in the library to work on the project during recess. And the three 8th graders worked on the prototype into the summer. They then realized they couldn't take the game any farther without updating the way they were programming.

With a newly created level editor, Evans started over. With an easier way for all three to add software "blocks" to the game, they were more efficient with their code-writing and finished 50 levels.

The completed game is now being sold to raise money for some Hamilton Middle School students to travel to Washington, D.C. The game sells for $5 (10 cents per level) and includes power ups, spikes, lasers, teleporters and ten Level Bosses among the bad guys. According to a press release from Hamilton School District's Michelle McConnaha, the game discs began selling this month.

Want to play a game? Contact the HMS Librarian Mona McCarty at (406) 363-2121.