I read an article the other day about losing entire weekends to TV binges. I could relate…as I’ve done that myself in the not so distant past.  Breaking Bad’s latest season premiered Sunday night (for once I’m glad I have cable instead of Dish) so there were a lot of us catching up on old episodes and entire seasons before the latest new episode began.

By streaming and using a DVR, you and I are increasingly taking in entire seasons of shows in marathon sessions.


Just this weekend I noticed a new feature on my Netflix called “post play.” It’s designed to encourage marathon sessions. So I looked into it and here’s what I found out.  As a TV show ends and the credits begin to roll, an algorithm determines the moment when most previous viewers clicked off. At that point, the credits minimize and a pop-up menu prompts you to play the next episode. If you do nothing, a countdown clock indicates when the episode will start automatically.  I think it’s pretty cool…especially when I’m in the mood to BINGE!