The 33rd Annual Apple Day celebration surrounding the Ravalli County Museum delighted hundreds of people, braving the early morning chill to make sure they got their container of apple cider.

As the day continued under bright blue, nearly smoke-free skies in Ravalli County, the museum sold hundreds of baked and frozen apple pies, made from scratch this week with Bitterroot apples by a hearty volunteer crew. Then, there were the caramel apples, and freshly squeezed apple cider that the Boy Scouts provided on the spot, the jars of apple butter, and the newest taste sensation - pulled pork with apple chutney sauce (regular or spicy, your choice).

With raffle drawings and a huge silent auction, the Ravalli County Museum raised money with their biggest annual fundraiser that hearkens back to the "Apple Boom" days of the valley, when acres of orchards were planted in hopes of a huge cash crop, which never quite reached developers' dreams. The remains of the orchards are still there, with Swanson's Orchards coming to the musuem event, selling boxes of freshly picked apples all day.

The music was provided by the local group "Cabin Fever" and the expanded Farmers Market stretched to new lengths with booths on Bedford, 2nd and 3rd Streets and even throughout Legion Park.