More and more people in the Bitterroot Valley are becoming occasional, regular or addicted birdwatchers.

With the number of species that pass through the valley or make homes in the area, it's no wonder that more attention is being paid to what's flying around.

To help in identifying what you're seeing, the Bitterroot Audubon Society is hosting two evening classes and two field trips designed for beginning birders. The classes will cover bird identification, optics, behavior, habitat, birdsong, migration and more.

The cost is $25 for Audubon members and $35 for non-members. Pre-registration is required with a limit of 20 people.

The classroom sessions will be Thursday April 18 and Thursday 25.

The field trips will be Sunday April 28 and Saturday May 4.

For class location and more information, contact Leslie at (406) 961-3808.