Jack the Bitterroot Beagle is in danger of being upstaged by Jill.

They're both stars in their own right, as John and Claudia Williams know.

Jack has starred in movies of his own movies - with the features "The Adventures of Jack the Bitterroot Beagle" and the hit followup "The Golden Bone."

Jill's fame is owed to the Internet. (See photo) Her video hit YouTube a couple of years ago and hundreds of thousands of people have watched her roam around a bed, picking up four tennis balls and displaying them for the camera. Bitterroot Beagle Productions now has a whole litter of videos on YouTube and this weekend, Jill will appear on Animal Planet channel.

The show is called "Bad Dog," and it should air at 7pm, but check your schedule, just in case.

The Williams also own Bitterroot Kennels and 8-Paws Pet Shop in Hamilton.

This weekend