When you add oil to fire, you get an inferno.

Somebody should've told the Utah Oilers before they met the Bitterroot Blaze. The Oilers were overwhelmed by a hot defensive effort as the Blaze blanked the Utah team 33-0 in a semi-final playoff in Darby.

The Bitterroot Valley team was hoping to play their rivals the Missoula Phoenix in the Rocky Mountain Football League AA Championship, but it was not to be. The Phoenix lost to the Caldwell Matadors 16-12 in Idaho.

The Blaze, who came into the playoffs seeded #2, will meet the #1 seeded Matadors in Caldwell next Saturday, June 30. That game will be at 6pm for those who can make the drive.

The Matadors are unbeaten this year, and the Blaze have lost only once. This is the first trip to the championships for the Matadors. The Blaze were in the championship game in 2007.