For the next two weeks in the Bitterroot National Forest, crews will be spraying trees in popular campgrounds and high-use recreation areas with Carbaryl. The spray is about 99 percent effective against the Mountain Pine Beetle, which has been devastating western woodlands.

The insecticide will be sprayed on lodgepole, whitebark pine and ponderosa pine trees and will be used in combination with Verbenone, pheromone that discourages beetles from attacking trees.

The treatment areas will be closed for 1 to 2 days during spraying, and spraying will not be done on rainy or windy days. The treatment will not be done near open water or wetlands.

The beetle's annual "dispersal flight," where they attack new trees, is usually in early July, so the spraying will be done as soon as possible.

On the Stevensville Ranger District, areas to be sprayed are Larry Creek - Bass Creek Recreation Area, Big Creek Trailhead, Gold Creek Campground, Mill Creek Trailhead, and Blodgett Campground.

On the Darby District, work will be done at Trapper Creek Job Corps Center and Black Bear Campground.

In the Sula District up the East Fork, spraying will be done on Crazy Creek Campground and Indian Trees Campground.

The West Fork Ranger District will see spraying on Sam Billings Campground, Hughes Creek area, South Nez Perce Trail, Fales Flat Campground, and West Fork Road and Boat Launch areas.