As we know, high water not only affects the Bitterroot River, but most streams and creeks in the area.
The water flowing over the Beaver Creek Road up the West Fork is from Johnson Creek. Two culverts could not keep up with the volume of water, according to Tod McKay of the Bitterroot National Forest. The water began flowing over the road this past week and quickly cut down into the roadbed. The large ruts make travel unsafe.

The washout is about 2 miles from the intersection of Wood's Creek Road and Beaver Creek road, seven miles south of Alta Campground at the far south end of Ravalli County.

Repairs will be done when water levels drop, but that may not happen for several weeks, McKay said in a news release Friday.

He asked forest users to report any other incidents of water over the road, plugged culverts or downed trees so that damage can be minimized.