The Bitterroot National Forest has been cutting down beetle-killed trees and thinning areas around the forest this summer. Now is the time to burn piles of debris left over from the logging.

The smoke will be visible in areas around Lake Como, Lost Horse, Piquett Creek, Sam Billings Campground and up the East Fork. The work will be done, weather permitting, with special caution taken to make sure the fires do not escape the areas.

Forest Public Information Officer Tod McKay said the prescribed fires will last through November, with intermittent pile burning starting immediately. If you need morei information:

  • Darby Ranger District - 821-3913
  • Sula Ranger District - 821-3201
  • West Fork Ranger District - 821-3269
  • Stevensville Ranger District - 777-5461
  • The Bitterroot National Forest also has a Facebook page with updated information.