The Mountain Pine Beetle is a killer. The Bitterroot National Forest has noted a 6-fold increase in lodgepole pine trees killed by the beetle since 2009.
Some of the trees are in campgrounds and recreation areas. In fact, a large area of beetle-killed trees is under study at Lost Trail Powder Mountain.
On some of the smaller campgrounds in the Bitterroot, the West Fork Ranger District will be removing trees this winter.
First on the list are the Alta, Rombo and Sam Billings campgrounds. Turing the logging, the campgrounds will be closed for public safety. If the trees are not removed, they would be a hazard and the recreation areas would be closed.
Also under consideration are treatment plans for Lake Como and the Bass Creek Recreation Areas. Other treatments have been spraying trees in campgrounds and recreation areas with the insecticide Carbaryl and Verbenone, a pheromone that discourages the beetles from attacking the trees.
There's more information on-line at the Bitterroot National Forest website. Or you can drop by any of the ranger stations or the Bitterroot Supervisors office in Hamilton.