Four areas have been opened, temporarily, for firewood gathering this year.

Tod McKay of the Bitterroot National Forest said two of the areas are in the Sula Ranger District - Tepee Point and Colvert Creek.

On the West Fork Ranger District, an area near Piquett Creek has been opened, and the White Stallion area has firewood in the Darby Ranger District.

You need a map to find out exactly where you can cut the wood. And of course, you need a firewood permit. The permits are $7 per cord with a 4-cord minimum for $28. There is a limit of 12 cords of wood per family per year.

McKay said the permits and maps are available at any Forest Service office in the valley, and are good through March 31 of next year.

Some rules to remember :

  • Daylight hours only
  • The areas are only for firewood gathering, no other motorized uses.
  • Use wide shoulders and turn-outs for parking.
  • Trees cannot be felled onto the roadway.
  • All slash must be cleaned up (you need kindling, anyway, right?)