The Bitterroot National Forest has plans to work on about 5,640 acres of forest land between Lake Como and Lost Horse Road.

The area encompasses land on the ridge between Lake Como and the Lost Horse Canyon on the north. It is separate from a project removing mountain pine beetle-killed trees from campgrounds and areas adjacent to Lake Como.

The forest has a plan developed for the Como Forest Health Project to protect large diameter ponderosa pine from the devastating mountain pine beetle infestations and to also reduce fuel from possible forest fires.

The plan would include:

  • Commercial timber logging on 1,860 acres
  • Non-commercial logging on about 330 acres to reduce tree density
  • Prescribed fire on other areas to improve wildlife habitat
  • Generally, according to Tod McKay in a news release, the plan is to try to keep the forest healthy, making it more resistant to dwarf mistletoe, root rot and insects, including Douglar fir beetle and spruce budworm.

    Public comments are being accepted until Friday, March 1. If you need more information, contact Sara Grove at the Darby Ranger District at (406) 821-1251.