The latest snow survey shows good snow levels in Western Montana, but some below average levels in Eastern Montana.

The USDA Natural Resources and Conservation Service most recent figures (before our latest snowstorm of April 6-7) showed the Bitterroot Valley drainage at 106 percent of average.

March had good days and bad days, but generally increased the snowpack statewide for the third month in a row, according to Brian Domonkos, water supply specialist. "Storm patterns over the last month have favored the western and northern pars of the state," he said.

Concern still exists for the Milk River Basin, and other areas in eastern Montana, including the Yellowstone River drainage. Typically, Domonkos said, by now, Montana has picked up about 95 percent of its seasonal snow cover. Now, the service will monitor future storms and temperature ranges to keep up-to-date on possible flooding and also late season streamflow.

The Bitterroot drainage had a 5 percent gain in snowpack in March, and streamflow is predicted to be 104 percent of average from April to July.

The detailed snowpack information is available at the NRCS website.