You may know the capitol of Switzerland, but do you know the largest lake in that country? Questions like that confront the student entrants in the National Geographic Geography Bee each year.

The National Geographic Bee Championship is in May in Washington, D.C. Entrants from Montana and other states and territories will be determined at State Bees.

According to the National Geographic website, all of those qualifying competitions will be on March 31. The Montana Geography Bee will at the University of Montana campus, and seven students from the Bitterroot Valley will be there.

The website also listed the winners in Montana's local contests, who include:

  • Kenny Rickert - Corvallis Middle School 7th Grade
  • Andrew Ricklefs - Hamilton Daly School 5th Grade
  • Isabella Sturm - Darby Elementary School 8th Grade
  • Noel Migliaccio - Florence-Carlton School 6th Grade
  • Caleb Bauder - Hamilton Middle School 7th Grade
  • Lance Burrows - Stevensville Middle School 5th Grade
  • Cassidy Alber - Victor School 8th Grade
  • The day starts at 10:30 a.m. at the Payne Family Native American Center on the UM Oval and preliminary rounds will be held in various buildings on campus, with the finals at the Social Sciences building at 12 noon.

    According to the published rules, the top 10 finishers from the eight preliminary rounds will be in the state final. Most of the questions are oral, but there will be two written questions. In the State Championship round, there will be two finalists.

    Due to limited seating, only one person can accompany the student to the rounds. No recordings are allowed.

    The National Geographic Finals will be May 14-17 at the National Geographic Society Headquarters in Washington, D.C. the final round will be telecast May 19 on the National Geographic channels.