Once again, local poet and community volunteer Dominic Farrenkopf is sacrificing his hair for the Bitterroot Youth Home.

He started "Give That Boy A Haircut" only a few years ago, but has raised thousands of dollars to help support summer activities at the Bitterroot Youth Home, which houses youth whose families are involved in law cases.

Dominic, who works at Sapphire Lutheran Homes in Hamilton, sells tickets for $5 each from now until May 29. A ticket is drawn randomly, and the winner gets to cut, shape and style (and color) his hair anyway they'd like.

Spiking his hair has been popular in past stylings (see photo), but he is ready for any suggestion and the winner also may do the work themselves.

It's a great way to raise money for the youth home, and Dominic will wear the hairstyle for at least one week. Yes, his boss has given him permission.

If you'd like to join in the fun, buy a ticket by calling (406) 363-2800. KLYQ will be presenting the resulting style next month.