The results are in. The KLYQ "Most Bestest of the Bitterroot" survey has been completed.
Today, we have results from the first category. The results from other four categories will be released each day this week.

In the Entertainment and Art section:
1. Cheapest Way to Have Fun - "Hit the River!" The Bitterroot River was centerpiece for most of the answers - be it swimming, boating, or sitting on the bank reading a book.
2. Best Valley View - Blodgett Canyon. As evidenced by the photo, Blodgett is spectacular in every season, whether you're looking at the canyon or in the canyon, looking up at the cliffs.
3. 3-D or not 3-D Movies - Given the choice, most of our respondents said they'd pass on the 3-D experience. Maybe they just don't like the glasses.
4. Favorite website - A tie between Facebook and
5. Best Place for a Picnic - We had so many different suggestions, there was no real loser - Lots of winners, so we picked four - Skalkaho Pass, Lake Como, Larry Creek Campground, and Lost Horse Creek.