In 2010, a massive rockslide blocked the trail near the top of Blodgett Pass in the Bitterroot National Forest.

Boulders, some the size of cars, made the trail impassible about 11 miles from the Blodgett Creek Trailhead.

The Blodgett Pass Trail #310 has not been usable by stock animals since then, and hikers often think twice before crossing it.

Yet, the trail has historically been a main access to the backcountry and the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness.  As an example, Norman Maclean writes about it in his book, "A River Runs Through It and Other Stories."

This is the year the trail will be repaired. Tod McKay, Public Affairs Officer of the Bitterroot National Forest, said that crews will start clearing the area July 31st and the work is expected to last a month and a half - until mid-September.

During the project, the Blodgett Pass Trail will be closed. However, the Blodgett Creek Trail #19 will be open and there will be access to Blodgett Lake. There will be delays near milepost 9, where some blasting could affect safety.

Crews will move the stone by hand, rigging or blasting. Some of the rock will be used to rebuild portions of the trail, which will include retaining walls, water bars and check dams, when all is done.  A Montana Conservation Corps (MCC) crew will be partnering with the Selway-Pintlar Wilderness Backcountry Horsemen in the project.

The work is one of the Ravalli County Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) projects, which is looking for more such projects to fund for the next work season. If you have an idea for such a project, contact Joni Lubke at (406) 363-7182)