Boo Boo is back in the wild forests of Central Idaho.

Last year, an orphaned black bear cub was found along the Salmon River during the Mustang Forest Fire. Its paws had second-degree burns and forest service personnel removed it from its perch in a tree alongside the river.

As decisions were made on where to rehabilitate the cub, it gained the name "Boo Boo," after the animated sidekick of cartoon character Yogi Bear.

After being treated at the Idaho Humane Society, Boo Boo ended up at the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary in McCall. It joined 10 other orphaned cubs.

The Associated Press reports that this week, about 70 pounds heavier and healed, the cub was released back into the wild. It's wearing a GPS radio collar that will record his location for the next year. The collar will then fall off.