Saturday, August 10, I was in the crowd at the park in Polson where the Bop-A-Dips were putting the topper on a fine "Cruisin' the Bay" car show and art festival.

The band is one of the premiere Western Montana bands and they never fail to bring the crowd out to the dance floor - in this case, the dance lawn! And the dancers were of all ages - from pre-school to post-retirement.

I remember the older days of the younger Bop-A-Dips. It was a little more frenetic, with quick-change costumes, bogus DJ announcements and other stage hi-jinx.

Now, they are slightly more sedate, but the music is even better. They race through sets of 60s and 70s tunes that reach the "happy" genes of all ages. And, their harmonies Saturday were pretty darn good for a bunch of old guys.

A highlight for me was a guitar instrumental medley that showed off their skills and brought some great music to the live performance. And the venue was great for the free concert - with the added feature of sunset over Flathead Lake

I looked around the audience - I saw a lot of folks in the "second half" of their lives. They were all smiling.

Long live the Bop-A-Dips!