California gas prices jumped radically in the last week, leaping up more than 10 cents in less than an hour on Wednesday morning. Luckily, the shortages appear to have had little effect nationwide, raising the national average by less than a cent.

"Thanks largely due to the situation in California, the national average rose slightly in the last week," said Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. "The good news for Californians is to expect relief this week. Around the rest of the nation I expect a mixed bag, with prices not moving significantly in either direction from what I can see at this time. Nationally, prices remain much higher than last year, especially in California, where the average now stands 88c/gal higher than a year ago," DeHaan said.

Montana gas prices, meanwhile, have seen almost no change for three weeks in a row. The average price is still three dollars and seventy six cents a gallon. Montana prices are now five cents more expensive than they were a month ago, and 18 cents higher than they were on the same day last year.