April 4-8 is Work Zone Safety Week in Ravalli County. The Ravalli County Road and Bridge Department has tips for those encountering road construction projects - such as the one on US 93 around Victor.
1. Be alert. Read the signs, pay attention to the flagpersons and don't drive over the cones.
2. Slow down. Expect the unexpected with changing speed limits and equipment moving across the roadways.
3. Turn off the cell phone. Talking or texting while driving is even more dangerous in construction zones. Your full attention is needed.
4. Keep a safe distance. Rear end collisions are the most common type of crash in construction zones.
5. Obey the signs and traffic control personnel. They will help you move safely through the area.
6. Be patient and remain calm. This road is being improved so you'll be able to travel smoothly in the days to come.