The stuff that dreams are made of can sometimes lead to nightmares, especially for children. Researchers at the University of Montana Clinical Psychology Program are seeking children who suffer from nightmares for a treatment study.

Cameo Borntrager, who is on the faculty at the University of Montana Clinical Psychology Program, said that a new treatment program for children suffering from nightmares and sleep disorders is being tested with this study.

"We are looking for children ages 8 to 12 who have been exposed to trauma at some point in their life and are struggling with nightmares that lead to sleep difficulties as well," Borntrager said. "We are running a clinical trial on a treatment approach to attempt to reduce those nightmares and help with sleep quality."

Borntrager said the full name of the study is Exposure, Relaxation and Rescripting Therapy.

"There's a program for adults that has been very successful, and we're looking to see if it will be successful in children, as well," Borntrager said. "It's a five-session treatment, which is very brief compared to how long therapy can sometimes take, especially where something is trauma related."

Borntrager said there is no cost for the treatment program.

"There is actually some compensation available for the participants," Borntrager said. "If they successfully screen into the study, then they receive compensation at each of the assessment and evaluation periods."

Anyone who has a child who may be experiencing nightmares after a trauma who is interested in being a part of the study may call 406-243-6684.

Cameo Borntrager with the University of Montana Clinical Psychology Program.