Late at night (or early in the morning), your radio friend is George Noory or one of his other guest hosts on Coast to Coast AM on KLYQ Radio.

George has a Facebook page, too. The page has been set up to encourage listeners to share information about just about anything.

KLYQ has been broadcasting Coast to Coast for years and we've found it a great place to let your imagination roam through the huge file of topics that continue to defy explanation - such as UFOs, strange creatures, the paranormal, and every so often, they tackle the world economy (there's a mysterious subject!).

So, as you tune into the show, check out the Facebook page for pictures and more links to other information.

We run Coast to Coast from 10pm to 5am every night. The live hours start at 11pm and run through 3am. We also repeat the previous hours at 10pm and after the live show ends in the early morning.