This comet has surprised scientists with all its variations on its trip by the Sun.

Comet ISON was extremely bright when first discovered far out in the solar system. But it broke up during its trip around the Sun and now is fading from view.

The comet suddenly brightened on its fall toward the sun, which many astronomers said was a breakup of the main part or nucleus of the comet. Others disagreed and said to wait and see if it survived the close approach to our solar system's star.

After an unusually long time near the sun on Thanksgiving day, the comet reappeared to our view with a large fan-like tail, which has continued to fade. See it near the top of the photo. The glare of the sun is blocked out in the center of the photo.

NASA is continuing to track the comet, but most now agree that seeing it with the naked eye will not be a possibility for Comet ISON...probably. Nothing ever seems certain for this comet.