The Corvallis School Board has a public meeting set for Tuesday, April 10, at the Corvallis High School Library to discuss the upcoming levy election.

The school is facing a huge budget shortfall next year of over $400,000. So, cuts will be made. However, the board would like to minimize those cuts by passing a $190,000 operating levy in the May 8th election.

The taxes for Corvallis district taxpayers would not go up, however. By chance, some 15-year-old building bonds are being paid off this June. The amount is slightly above the $190,000 level, so the levy could be passed with no visible change to the taxes.

KLYQ conducted a special program on the levy this week. Steve Fullerton interviewed Corvallis Superintendent Monty Silk, School Board Chairman Wilbur Nisly and co-chair Tonia Bloom.

Here's a 7-minute portion of that report.

The school has more information on their website.