The annual chance for you dig deeper into Montana and Bitterroot Valley history is upon us. The Daly Mansion, northeast of Hamilton, has started its spring lecture series with the title "Montana People and Places."

The Saturday morning sessions all begin at 10am and will run through May 5th and are presented by the mansion Volunteer Archives Team. And there will be a special presentation about Marcus Daly Thursday evening April 26th.

The first presentation was last week, but part two of recorded lectures of the late "K. Ross Toole," an eminent UM History professor, will be this Saturday, March 31, with comments from Don Erdman. The lectures concern Montana Copper King Marcus Daly and the Bitterroot Valley.

The first session in April, on Saturday the 14th, will be about Bitterroot Stock Farm engineer and map maker MD Kippen in "Brought to Light" with Lois Klemment.

April 21st, Paul Mogensen presents "How Did They Get Metal from Rock?"

April 28 brings Darlene Gould with "Mrs. Margaret Daly - A Retrospective."

Saturday, May 5th will be "What's In A Name" with Bruce Gould talking about the origin of place names in the Bitterroot Valley.

The special April 26th session will start at 6pm, "Marcus Daly in Montana" by UM Professor Emeritus Dr. David M. Emmons, and "Remarks on Frances Carroll Brown" (Daly's granddaughter) by Brandon Reintjes, MMAC Curator of Art.

Each lecture costs $5, or free admission to those who belong to the Daly Mansion Preservation Trust or who are volunteers at the mansion. Classes will be held in the Trophy Room. Call 363-6004 extension 4# to register for the classes.

The Daly Mansion was the summer home of the Daly family. Marcus Daly, who made his fortune in copper mining in Butte, raised race horses on the Bitterroot Stock Farm in the late 1800s and he founded the town of Hamilton.