The history surrounding Hamilton's Daly Mansion stretches across the country - from Hamilton to Butte to New York. And for every Saturday in April, a bit of that history will be unveiled in unique presentations in the building's Trophy Room.

The free lecture series started last month with a presentation on the Vigilantes of Virginia City.

This Saturday morning at 10 a.m., Paul Mogenson, a Daly Mansion volunteer, will use his mining expertise to explain the Apex Law of Mining, that complicated the mines of Butte at the turn of the century - generally from the 1898 to 1909. The story includes the founder of Hamilton, Marcus Daly, along with Fritz Heinze and others who were "working the angles" of the Apex Law to get to the riches underground.

Coming up in the series:

  • April 13 - The Resting Place of the Rich and Famous and not so Notorius
  • April 20 - Ghostly Gatherings from the Treasure State
  • April 27 - Ba Ba Black Sheep - Where did they go?
  • The series was started by Daly Mansion volunteers, who have been working on an archive of historical documents and maps at the mansion.