In the 1930s, thousands of sheep were grazing in the Bitterroot Valley. Where did they go?

The Saturday morning Spring Lecture Series will cover the history of sheep in the valley. So, instead of "pulling the wool over your eyes," Maureen "Mo" Lischke will be pulling the wool away from your eyes.

Mo's 10 a.m. talk in the Trophy Room of the Daly Mansion is called "Ba, Ba, Black Sheep - Where did they go?" She'll discuss the role sheep played in the United States and the Bitterroot Valley, including the Bitterroot Stock Farm.

Shepherds with their wagons and dogs disappeared from the scene, leaving only sheepherder monuments (tall columns of carefully placed rocks) in a few places in the foothills.

Lischke is a Daly Mansion volunteer who raises Alpacas and, according to a Daly Mansion news release, "is passionate about all things wooly."

The lecture is free to the public and is the final offering of the spring series this year.