October 9th will be the final day this season for regularly scheduled tours of the Daly Mansion northeast of Hamilton.
From 10am to 3pm, tours will be conducted, along with guest authors and re-enactors populating the hallways and rooms. Some guests will be Mrs. Daly and some of her friends.
The Daly Mansion Archives Team and Montana author Lenore Puhek will also be featured. There will be presentations on the lives of women in the late 1800s and the Archives Team's recent publication "Copper Gleanings."
Tours will be self-guided on October 9th and are $9 for adults, $6 for children. Kids under age 6 are admitted free.
The Daly Mansion website.
The Daly Mansion is getting ready for another of it's long-running Murder Mystery Dinner presentations October 21 and 22. More about that later!