Daly Avenue in Hamilton will be closed for about a half hour Friday, May 25, as Emergency Services conduct a full-scale emergency drill at Daly Elementary School.

The drill will begin at the end of the noon hour - about 12:50pm Friday and will include a scenario that simulates damage to the building. The entire school - students and staff - will be involved.

Therefore, Principal Eric Larson has asked parents to pick up or drop off your students before 12:30 and after 2:15, which will be after the conclusion of the drill.

A letter from Larson has been sent to the parents and he is available for questions at 363-2122.

Participating in the exercise will be Hamilton Police Department, Hamilton Fire Department, Ravalli County Sheriff's Office, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital ambulance service and other emergency responders.

Some of the students will be involved in the exercise, but most will be bystanders and will attend an assembly after the event to learn about emergency response details. The students will also learn where they need to go and what they need to expect in the case of an emergency at the school.

Larson said the exercise will be completed before the regular end of the school day Friday.