More deer have been taken in this year's hunting season, but less elk coming through the Darby Fish, Wildlife and Parks hunter check station.

There were 2,111 hunters checking through the station with these results:

  • Elk - 134 (last year - 173)
  • Mule Deer - 27 (last year - 21)
  • White-tailed Deer - 46 (last year - 29)
  • There were also two black bear, 1 moose and one sheep. The percentage of successful hunters this week was 10 percent, better than last year when there were more hunters in the field.

    West-Central Montana check stations combined (Darby, Bonner and Anaconda) showed:

  • Elk - 204 (last year - 266)
  • Mule Deer - 58 (last year - 47)
  • White-tailed Deer - 153 (last year - 124)
  • Jay Kolbe, FWP Biologist for the Blackfoot area said that hunters reported the first signs of mating season or "rut," which has helped the harvest. Despite some snow, elk have not yet moved into winter range.

    Hunters must stop at all check stations they pass - even if they have not harvested any animals.