One of my favorite childhood memories from Thanksgiving was going to my grandma’s house and stuffing my face at the ever-so-popular “kiddie table.” The only bummer is that the “adult” table was always lavishly decorated. Grandma brought out her fancy table cloth and little wooden Thanksgiving figurines, and the kids’ table was a huge disappointment with a stained ‘80s style plastic picnic table cover and no decorations!


You can make the children feel important and grown-up this Thanksgiving by making these awesome DIY crafts to place on their table. You can even create a holiday tradition by waiting to create these when all kiddos in the family are together on Turkey Day.

One of my favorite crafts for the kids around Thanksgiving is to have them trace their hands on a piece of plain paper. They can then take a box of crayons and create their own turkey drawing. Using the thumb as the turkey's head and the rest of the fingers as the feathers.

Also's "D.I. Why Not" says that making potato stamps can be fun and easy for the kids table.

It would be fun to study how to make these and surprise all the kids on Thanksgiving by explaining how to build each one and letting them pick out their own supplies.