The alleged victim in the trial of suspended University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson was asked by the defense to answer to a text message she sent in reference to the firing of former football coach Robin Pflugrad and athletic director Jim O'Day this morning, Feb. 14, on the third day of the trial.

"I'm so happy!!!," was the beginning of the text message that the woman confirmed was in reference to the men's removal from their positions.

The message was sent to the nurse practitioner the woman was working with at First Step.

When asked to explain the message in testimony today, the woman said she was happy something was getting done at the school.

O'Day was again present in the courtroom today, as he was yesterday as well.

O'Day's son Brian was picked up for a ride home by the woman after the alleged assault. He is on the witness list for the prosecution. However, the woman testified today that although she believes they are still friends, the two have not spoken in a very long time.

Questioning on this topic of O'Day and Pflugrad by defense attorney David Paoli began yesterday.


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