Corvallis High School students have a new fashion accessory today. ZooFM's Tallest DJ In The World and Townsquare Media Missoula General Manager Shawna Batt presented the "TXTING KILLS MONTANA" program at an assembly of the Corvallis students Monday.
Following the presentation showing how texting while driving causes often fatal accidents, the students were asked to sign a pledge they wouldn't text and drive. They were then each given a thumb band. The teachers at the assembly also joined in signing the pledges.

The presentation has been to a number of area schools, as the Missoula stations of Zoo-FM, The Blaze, The View, KYSS-FM, KGVO, KLYQ and KMPT try to stop drivers from texting and driving.
The stations also have posted on their websites a graphic video from Wales that shows possible consequences of texting while driving. States and cities around the country have been passing new laws, cracking down on drivers using mobile devices while driving.

If you'd like the presentation in your school, please contact one of the Townsquare Media radio stations in Missoula. Our main phone number is 728-9300. Or let us know from this website on any of our station's facebook pages. The travelling show is about 45 minutes long (including the sign-up and thumb band distribution) and is high energy. We're hoping to save lives.