Local poet and community spark plug Dominic Farrenkopf will go under the shears again this year in his fundraiser "Give That Boy A Haircut."

Dominic started the fundraiser a few years ago to raise money for summer activities for the kids at the Linda Massa Youth Home in Hamilton. He's been growing his hair since last fall and it's pretty shaggy right now.

You can buy a $5 ticket for a random drawing at the end of the month. The winner will be allowed to cut his hair in any style imaginable, and in any color (see photo). Last year, the winner was out-of-state and had Dominic's wife carve a new face on the back of his head.

As always, he will keep the hairstyle for a week before returning to a more normal look.

Ticket sales are a little slow this year, and he encourages you to call 363-2800 - Sapphire Lutheran Homes in Hamilton or catch him on the streets of Hamilton. He's always got tickets available.

C'mon! Let's give that boy a haircut!