It's a fireworks display that has been helping raise money for the Hamilton High Speech and Debate team each year. And it's going to light up the skies around the high school Friday evening, June 21.

Steve Boshae's Cow Palace fireworks stands have been donating part of every sale to the team, and they specialize in fireworks displays that are more than just one fountain or sky burst. Those displays are previewed at the start of the firework sales season in a free show at the Hamilton High School parking lot on Fairgrounds Road.

During the show, high school students collect donations, sell concessions and raffle tickets to help support the team.

By the way, if the weather doesn't cooperate, the show will be held Sunday evening, June 23.

And the show is pretty good. Each display is announced, so you can replicate the "oohs" and "aaahs" at home. Montana allows sales to start about three days after the show.

Independence Day
By the way, the City of Hamilton is sponsoring a July 4th show again this year, but they can use lots of donations. Simply drop off your donation at City Hall on South 2nd Street. Any amount is accepted. Public fireworks displays cost thousands.