The Ravalli County election final unofficial results were released before 1 a.m. The vote count will add about 1,500 yet-to-be counted ballots Wednesday morning.

However, Clerk and Recorder Regina Plettenberg released the totals for the 21,516 votes cast in the Tuesday election. More than 50 percent voted absentee. She estimated a huge 72 percent of the registered voters cast ballots in this general election.

In local races, Jeff Langton was re-elected District Judge over Robert Myers, Fred Thomas defeated Jim Olsen for State Senate, elected to the House were Theresa Manzella, Ron Ehli and Ed Greef. Legislator Nancy Ballance was unopposed. For Ravalli County Commissioner, Greg Chilcott defeated Dave Smith, and Chris Hoffman was unopposed. The Stevensville School tech levies both passed.

Here are the unofficial final results:

US President
Hillary Clinton -5780
Donald Trump- 13,703
Rocky De La Fuente - 57
Gary Johnson - 872
Jill Stein 224

US Representative
Denise Juneau 6649
Ryan Zinke 13,834
Rick Breckenridge 705

Steve Bullock 8749
Greg Gianforte 11,575
Ted Dunlap 733

Secretary of State
Monica Lindeen 6491
Corey Stapleton 13,766
Roger Roots 679

Attorney General
Larry Jent 5060
Tim Fox 15,643

Jesse Laslovich 7549
Matt Rosendale 12,946

Supt of Public Instruction
Melissa Romano 7768
Elsie Arntzen 12,737

Public Service Commission
Gail Gusche 6262
Bob Lake 14,242

CI 116 Crime Victim Rights
Yes 12,849
No 7825

I 177 –Prohibit animal trapping
Yes 7260
No 13,700

I 181 – Brain Research Bonds
Yes 6617
No 13,912

I 182 – Expand Medical Marijuana
Yes 11,040
No 9945

Supreme court - Mike McGrath
Yes 14,633
No 4239

Supreme Court #3
Kristen Juras 8362
Dirk Sandefur 10,383

Supreme Court – Jim Shea
Yes 14,260
No 4234

District Court
Jeff Langton 11,813
Robert Myers 7547

State Senate 44
James Olsen 3045
Fred Thomas 6993

State House 85
Jo Young 1491
Theresa Manzella 4032

State House 86
Nancy Neal 1733
Ron Ehli 3289

House District 87
Nancy Ballance 4123 (Unopposed)

State House 88
Margaret Gorski 1682
Ed Greef 3350

Clerk of District Court
Paige Allen Trautwein 17,461 (unopposed)

Ravalli County Commission District 2
Greg Chilcott 13,380
Dave Smith 7125

Ravalli County commission District 3
Chris Hoffman 17,831 (Unopposed)

Stevi School tech levy
4 mills
Yes 1985
No 1652

Stevi School tech levy
3 mills
Yes 2882
No 2377

When the final ballots are counted, Plettenberg said they would be posted on the Montana Secretary of State's website. About 243 provisional votes will be added to the total next Monday, November 14.