The Ravalli County Sheriff's Office and other agencies will conduct a full-scale emergency exercise at Corvallis High School Wednesday, December 11.

The drill is a way for emergency responders to practice dealing with a large-scale incident. The scenario for this drill will be an 'active shooter' in the building. The school staff will stage a school lockdown, law officers will practice proper response, medical staff will conduct triage of victims and transport away from the scene, and there will post-incident reunification of parents and kids.

Sheriff Chris Hoffman said the drill had been scheduled this past fall, but a countywide phone and internet outage caused a cancellation. This Wednesday afternoon excercise has been widely publicized with staff, kids and parents and will start about 2 p.m., wrapping up about 5 p.m.

Similar exercises have been held in valley schools such as Hamilton High School and Hamilton's Washington Elementary School.

Involved in the drill will be the Ravalli County Sheriff's Department, the Corvallis School District, the Corvallis Rural Fire Department, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital emergency medical services, Ravalli County Office of Emergency Management and the National Institutes of Health at Rocky Mountain Laboratories.

The public is asked to stay out of the area around Corvallis High School during the time of the exercise. There will flashing lights and emergency vehicles.