What would fair week be without the risk of some good old-fashioned summer thunderstorms? Corby Dickerson with the National Weather Service said Monday that after a pleasant start, storms will be moving into the area later in the week.

"It looks like we're going to start off the week with some pretty nice conditions for the fair," Dickerson said. "Its going to be mostly sunny with some light afternoon breezes, with no big storms early on. For Tuesday and Wednesday, its going to be pretty nice, pretty warm, and kind of sunny."

However, Dickerson said, stormy weather may be on the way later in the week.

"By the time we get to Thursday, we're going to start looking for a chance of afternoon thunderstorms," Dickerson said. "It seems like every year with the fair, we get something, and this year it doesn't look like its going to be completely different, but that looks like its going to happen towards the end of the week into the weekend, where we'll be getting better and better chances for thunderstorms."

"Again," Dickerson said. "It looks pretty nice for the start of the week, with storms coming by the weekend."

Meteorologist Corby Dickerson