Did you hear about this? A British Columbia coroner has supposedly solved the mystery of why disembodied feet keep washing up on beaches in Washington and British Columbia. Six feet with rubber soled shoes on them have appeared in an 11-month period for a total of 12 feet in the last five years.

The first shoe appeared in August of 2007 sparking an investigation. A team of five investigators were given the task of solving the mystery of who each foot belonged to. The investigators painstakingly cross checked missing person’s directories with shoe manufacturers. In doing so, they were able to solve the mystery and determine that almost all the feet belonged to suicide victims and none were victims of fowl play. The rubber soles on the shoes made it impossible for fish to eat the feet inside.

Originally the feet were thought to have been from a plane crash carrying four men that crashed off of Canada’s west coast. That theory fell apart when a fifth right food washed ashore. After that, rumors swirled from a serial killer with a foot fetish on the loose, to remains of Asian Tsunami victims from 2004. There were also rumors of the feet belonging to victims of a human trafficking ring or stowaways on a container ship that left Vancouver.

To add to the mystery surrounding this story, a foot that washed ashore 25 years ago was finally identified as belonging to a fisherman whose boat had overturned during a storm off of Vancouver’s coast in January of 1987. He was identified by testing the sock that contained bones and an investigation proved it was him. Like the others in this story, the rest of the body was never found.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.