The 2013 Mammo Men are raising money this week, hoping to outpace the others in the final tally Friday evening at the Mammo Man Grand Finale.

Last year, the Blacksmith Brewery in Stevensville was rockin' and rollin' with the last donations putting first one of the guys in the lead...then another. Well, the same same thing is expected at the brewery this year.

The evening starts at 6 p.m. and the place will be packed with people, helping raise money for the Aid to Mammography Fund at the Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in Hamilton.

The fund was started many years ago by the Soroptimists of the valley to provide mammograms to women who couldn't afford them. The fund as had its ups and down since then, but when it became the linchpin of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the Bitterroot Valley, the money has surged to new highs, with the hospital matching the donations dollar for dollar.

The fund has saved lives and now, thanks to the Sprinkle Pink activities throughout the Bitterroot Valley in October, there is money available for further treatment, too.

Make sure you donate to your favorite Mammo Man. Kyle Stensrud, our account exec from KLYQ radio, is also sponsored by the kids' store Me and Mom in Hamilton. So, drop some money off at the the KLYQ studio at 320 North 1st or at Me and Mom on the 300 block of Main in Hamilton BEFORE Friday! Oh, Kyle's the one in the cowboy hat in the back row on the right in the photo.