It took months of construction, paperwork and waiting for the first day of broadcasting for KLYQ-AM in Hamilton. Dex Dexter and Stan Hooper came to town and sold stock in the small company, then erected a tower on the north of Hamilton and built a studio on South 2nd Street (under a rollerskating rink).
There were hours of test broadcasting as they fine-tuned the transmitter and tower (originally at 980 on the dial), and then in February 1961, the FCC sent word that they could begin.
George Solander signed onto that first log and became the Voice of the Valley through his many years with the station. He has fond memories of early days of KLYQ.
We are celebrating 50 years of service to the community this year. The "Past Blast" page includes audio from our broadcasting history and we are adding to the samples every week.
Included this week is a 1986 interview with the late Al Moerkerke, who advertised his car repair business on the first day of the station. KLYQ is still the only station with studios in Hamilton, though we have lots of company on the dial with Missoula stations. Radio continues to be an important part of Bitterroot Valley life.