There was a band of forest fire smoke high in the evening sky Friday in the Hamilton area. The Idaho forest fires in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness are still burning, with occasional torching.

The McGuire Fire is still active at 43,000 acres (see Photo), but good news comes from the Dixie, Idaho, location. The road to Dixie and Oregrande is open again and the air strips at Dixie, Oregrande and Dixie Guard Station have re-opened.

The Sawtooth Fire, west of Hamilton, still has hotspots on the west side in the wilderness. However, they've opened up the Roaring Lion Trail and the Canyon Creek Trail, as of Saturday, October 6. The Sawtooth Creek Trail will remain closed.

The Porcupine Fire has closed the Magruder Road through the wilderness and is 33,872 acres in size.

The Powell Complex, at 63,600 acres, is still pumping smoke along Highway 12 with some interior fires.

The Mustang Fire is still at 339,000 acres and some closures have been lifted in Idaho and in Montana. The West Fork Ranger station has travel information at 821-3269.

The Moe Fire, which is 10 miles west of Lake Como, has caused the rock Creek Trail to be closed. That fire is near Elk Lake. Most of the fire, however, has been burning over the border in Idaho.