The 1,200 students in the Frenchtown  School District have been told to stay home on Tuesday, December 10, so that a boiler can be repaired that supplies heat to the school building.

Frenchtown District Superintendent Randy Cline said on Monday evening that staff members noticed that the building was cold when they arrived in the morning.

"The maintenance staff and the principal at the elementary school noticed that there wasn't any heat in the building," Cline said. "What happened was the water pumps that push water to the boiler to be heated had shut down, so without any water to heat, the system shut down. We got that going again and it looked like everything was going to be alright, but then it happened again this afternoon and they couldn't get it restarted. We have to wait for a part to arrive tomorrow, so with no heat in the building, we decided there would be no school."

Cline says the shutdown should only last for one day, weather and conditions permitting.

"As of right now, it's only for a day," Cline said. "The part is supposed to arrive tomorrow and they're supposed to get it fixed tomorrow. In winter, though, things can happen, so hopefully nothing will happen to delay getting the part tomorrow."

Meanwhile, 1,200 elementary, middle and high school students in Frenchtown will have the day off on Tuesday.

Frenchtown School Superintendent Randy Cline